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10387 Miller Creek Rd
Missoula, Mt, 59803
United States


Hawthorne Farm LLC is a small farm located in Missoula Montana raising Dexter Beef, pigs, fruit, and chickens.  We strive to purchase locally and be as sustainable as possible.


Local and Sustainable

We always had a passion for the small farmer, and in 2014 we had the opportunity to become farmers ourselves.  Starting with a small herd of Dexters, a few beehives, a handful of chickens and cold tolerant fruit tree varieties, we embarked on a journey to produce quality food in small spaces.  We believe everything comes full circle, so we focus on managing our farm as sustainably and locally as possible.  

Farming is a family affair.  Every member of our family has a stake in our day to day operation.  We work hard to include our little ones in tasks that are sometimes easier done by adults only; the skills that they learn are invaluable and the confidence they gain is priceless.  
The same holds true for our "community" family.  We love the relationships and friendships that we have gained from folks in the community that have supported us, helped us, and have bought products from us.  Thank you! 

  • Hawthorne Farm LLC, 10387 Miller Creek Road, Missoula, MT  59803
  • 406-223-4221

Most of the photos were taken by our family, but thank you to Miller Creek Meadows for providing some beautiful shots of hawthorn in the fall